Blackbird Cafe Medium Roast - (2) 12oz bags of coffee

Blackbird Cafe Medium Roast - (2) 12oz bags of coffee

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Experience the art of the roast. Tracing it back to the farms of Costa Rica the amazingly talented growers in this region harvest a harder bean at a higher altitude. This type is the standard quality for SHB EP Costa Rican coffees. It can be grown at an attitude of above 1350 meters or higher.  SHB coffees exhibit unique qualities like citrus acidity and its complex combination of fruit and smooth chocolate notes. creating a wonderful profile that is unmatched by other regions. This Spring Release Blackbird Medium is our Special Costa Rican SHB roast. Wonderful as a traditional drip or espresso. This thoughtfully crafted medium roasted coffee is sure to impress.

Two 12oz bags of locally roasted coffee.

Sip it slow

Roasted with Love,

Katie & Luke