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Check out our NEW release of Blackbird Gift Boxes! Shipping August 2nd!

Consider the gift of Blackbird for that special someone in your life.

Inside the Box:

(2) Sleeves of Blackbird House Roast Coffee Medium Blend. Excellent for drip, espresso, or cold brew!

(1) bar Cinnamon & Orange Vegan Soap (Blackbird Coffee Grinds, Cinnamon & Orange Peel) * dry on sponge for extended use

Limited Release Sticker Pack of 5

Blackbird Cafe Coffee: Experience the art of the roast, delivered to you anywhere in the world. Tracing it back to the farms of Costa Rica the amazingly talented growers in this region harvest a harder bean at a higher altitude. This type is the standard quality for SHB EP Costa Rican coffees. It can be grown at an attitude of above 1350 meters or higher.  SHB coffees exhibit unique qualities like citrus acidity and its complex combination of fruit and smooth chocolate notes. creating a wonderful profile that is unmatched by other regions. This Release is our Special Blackbird Cafe Costa Rican SHB roast. Wonderful as a traditional drip or espresso. This thoughtfully crafted medium roasted coffee is sure to impress. At Blackbird Cafe we can assure you that your coffee is not only ethically sourced it is also MADE WITH LOTS OF LOVE! :)  Please Remember to "sip it slow"

GIFT Soap: Vegan soap  (palm, coconut, olive, essential oils only) We are excited for this vegan addition to our box offering. 

Stickers: Sticker Pack of 5 - Limited edition 

The Boxes: A two year project founder Luke created in an effort to allow our guests an opportunity to bring the Blackbird Cafe experience home.  The art on the box is a culmination of a variety of variations made prior. We used to hand stamp all our boxes. :) The Blackbird Queen Box represents the strong women in our lives. It is a celebration of strong and independent women that cultivate a culture around leadership and teamwork in the marketplace. A true reflection of the women in our communities. This box specifically is in celebration of our CEO Katie. 

The graffiti box is a creation that came through frustration. The box designs kept falling short. After many attempts I had to change my concept. I am so happy with the outcome of this box. This is a reflection of the creative process. Its not always neat, its not always clean, but the ability to keep going is sometimes what separates. Here is where this box was created. I hope you enjoy these boxes as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. With love - Founder Luke 

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